Mil-Spec/Aero (AN, MS, NAS)


Aero / MS Hinges

Aerospace, MS20001 / MS20253 / MS20257 / MS35000 series Piano Hinges and Continuous Hinges.​

MS Nuts

MS Hex Nuts( MS35649-, MS35650-, Locknuts( MS21044-), Finish Nuts ( MS51967-)

MS Pins

Precision Quick Release Pins, Receptacles and Detent Pins. Lockwell ®  Quick Release Pins are NAS 1333 thru NAS 1346, and MS17984 thru MS17987 qualified.

MS Screws

MS Screws (MS24693-, MS35190-, MS35206-, MS51957-, MS51959-MS51861-).

MS Hex/Socket Screws

MS Sockets (MS90725-, MS90728-, MS90727-, MS16995-, MS16996-, MS16997, NAS1352C-, NAS1352N-)


MS Washers (AN960-, AN970-, MS15795-, MS27183-, MS35333-, MS35335-, MS35338-, MS51848-. NAS1149)
ACME MIL Spec NAS Spec Fairchild Description
216-08000X     BX 0256 Cast In, SCI 2-56
216-08020X     BX 0256BRS Cast In, BCI 2-56
216-080002     BX 0440 Cast In, SCI 4-40
216-080202     BX 0440BRS Cast In, BCI 4-40
216-080003     BX 0632 Cast In, SCI 6-32
216-080203     BX 0632BRS Cast In, BCI 6-32
216-080004     BX 0832 Cast In, SCI 8-32
216-080204     BX 0832BRS Cast In, BCI 8-32
216-080006     BX 1032 Cast In, SCI 10-32
216-080206     BX 1032BRS Cast In, BCI 10-32
216-080008     BX 428 Cast In, SCI 1/4-28
216-080208     BX 428BRS Cast In, BCI 1/4-28
216-080010     BX 524 Cast In, SCI 5/16-24
216-080210     BX 524BRS Cast In, BCI 5/16-24
216-080012     BX 624 Cast In, SCI 3/8-24
216-080212     BX 624BRS Cast In, BCI 3/8-24


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