Fans, Blowers, Thermal


AC Fans

​Alternating Current , AC ball  bearing or axial fans typically provide for electronic equipment chassis cooling.  Standard US voltage between 115 and 230V, and standard sizes of 60, 80 and 120mm.


DC Blowers

Direct Current, DC Blower brushless ball bearing typically provide for concentrated equipment cooling with a circular impeller within an enclosed cage.  Standard US voltage between 12V and 24V DC and standard sizes from 2.9 inch and larger.


DC ​Fans

​Direct Current, DC or Axial Fans generally are used in PC’s, Power Supplies and environments where low audible noise is desired in a box fan.   Standard US voltage between 5V, 12V, 24V and 48V with sizes from 1 inch and larger.


Fan Trays & Assemblies

​AC and DC Fan trays provide for modular and pre-assembled rack and chassis mounted fans provide a typical vertical cooling for electronics.  A 1U standard provides a multiple AC / DC fan cooling option for the high thermal environments.


​Finger Guards, Filters, Plug Cords​

AC and DC Fan,  Blower Wire Finger Guards, Fan and Dust Filters ,  Fan Power Plugs and the Fan Screws are essential accessories for all applications.  A wide range of IEC / NEMA approved Fan - Power Cords with standard and custom configurations are also available.


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