Captive BSO-M5-12ZI Standoff, Blind Thread, Steel, Zinc, M5x0.8 x 12

ABE Part Number: CFBSOM5-12

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Product Details

Measurement Metric
Material Steel, Heat Treated
Brand Captive / 107826
Thread Size M5.0 x 0.80
Length 12mm
Finish Zinc
Sheet Min 1.300
Hole Diameter 7.14 +0.08
A 7.11 -0.13
H 7.9
T 5.0
CL to Edge 8.0
1500mm CRS Installation Force 17.6 kN
1500mm CRS Push Out 2460 N
1500mm CRS Torque Out 8.45 N-m
1500mm CRS Pull Through 3100 N
1500mm 5052 H34 Aluminum Intallation Force 10.5 kN
1500mm 5052 H34 Aluminum Push Out 1750 N
1500mm 5052 H34 Aluminum Torque Out 5.01 N-m
1500mm 5052 H34 Aluminum Pull Through 2550 N
1500mm 5052-H34 Aluminum Rec Tighten Torque 3.4 N-m
Product Selector Standoff / Clinch
CR - Brand PSM P-BSO-M5-12Z