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Specialty Slide Products

Load Rating: 14.5 lbs to 352 lbs. Used in manufacturing machinery, diagnostic equipment, and much more.

10EL & 38EL Low Voltage Electronic Locking Hardware

These products offer easy-to-install, yet advanced methods to secure and control access to openings and components or assemblies in a wide range of industrial applications.


Model 115 is a linear motion ball bearing slide designed for component guidance, support, or adjustment in applications from manufacturing machinery to utility vehicles to diagnostic equipment.


A simple motion solution comprised of aluminum tracks and re-circulating ball carriages. Use for movement and positioning of screens, panels, boards, or components used in medical apparatus.

AL4190 Tilt Track System

A track system that extends and tilts drawers downward for easy viewing and access to contents. Use for supply and equipment storage in mobile applications and warehouse, manufacturing, or garage facilities.

Ascent CBLift-0019

The Ascent is a push-to-operate mechanical lift that provides access and conceals screens in desks and other cabinetry when not in use.

CB-Hand Locking Handle Kit

Adds lock-in and lock-out features to heavy-duty drawers or trays. Suitable for installations where the locking feature provides a measure of safety.


Stainless steel and full extension for applications subject to moisture or humidity.


Stainless steel for corrosion resistance in applications such as food or chemical storage.


Stainless steel offers corrosion resistance for applications exposed to moisture such as marine or industrial storage.


Stainless steel offers corrosion resistance in environments such as the food service industry.

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