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Rack Mount Accessories

Cable Carriers

  • Prevents sagging and tangling of cable when the chassis is moved.
  • May be installed separately or as part of an Accuride chassis suspension system.
  • Allows a minimum of 1" [25.4 mm] behind chassis when fully closed.

    Mounting Brackets
  • Brackets simplify the installation of Accuride slides in electronic enclosures.
  • Brackets fit over slides and mount to vertical rail.
  • Use Rack Mounting Accessories Selection Guide located on Accuride's web site to choose compatible brackets.
  • For each pair of slides order:
    4 brackets (usually 2 front brackets and 2 rear brackets)
    4 bracket-to-slide mounting kits
    4 bar nuts
  • Short brackets are usually used at the front of the chassis and long brackets are used at the rear for increased adjustability.

    Bar Nuts
  • Bar nuts simplify the installation and adjustment of Accuride slides in electronic enclosures
  • It is easier to install bar nuts than individual nuts when access to the slide mounting bracket is limited
  • Order 4 bar nuts per pair of slides

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