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Heavy Duty Slides

Load Rating: 175 to 1,323 lb./79 to 600 kg. Provides strength and durability for a variety of heavy duty industrial applications. Features include lock-in, lock-out, and front lever release.


Low profile and over travel provide access in electronic enclosures, medical equipment and electromechanical devices.


Full extension and the higher load rating perform well in industrial workstations, machinery, and mechanical devices.


Over travel and heavy-duty capacity make this slide a popular choice for utility and industrial truck bodies, machine tools and mechanical devices.


Lock-out and lever disconnect are useful in applications such as machinery or electronic chassis where components may require service.

3641 Interlock System

Designed with an interlock system to prevent more than one drawer from opening at a time. Ideal for heavy multi-drawer applications where tipping might occur due to weight shift.


Provides solutions for applications such as bulk storage bins, trays, or pullout shelving units in environments ranging from garages to game rooms to grocery stores.

7950 Non-Disconnect/7957 Handed Lever Disconnect

These products provide an intermediate load rating choice in a .75" cross section width. Designed to accommodate drawers up to 42" wide.


Offering heavy duty support in a variety of industrial storage applications. Optional platform brackets expand mounting options.

9307 Lock-out

Heavy duty with a lock-out for applications where secure access to equipment drawers and trays is required.

9308 Lock-in & Lock-out

Lock-in and lock-out features to ensure drawers stay securely closed during transit in applications such as emergency or hazmat vehicles.

AL4140/AL4120 Super Heavy-Duty Slides

Lightweight aluminum combined with stainless steel ball bearings and ball retainers provides corrosion resistance and strength without the additional weight of steel slides.

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