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20 Series Slides

Load Rating: 75 lbs to 300 lbs. The 20 Series is a complete family of slides with common mounting characteristics designed specifically for use in metal applications. Originally developed for metal office furniture; applications have expanded to include medical carts, modular and built-in toolboxes for utility or emergency vehicles and more.

These products have a standardized bayonet/pocket installation system that simplifies and speeds up slide integration. Installers simply snap the slides into position, without the need for screws, washers, or lock nuts. The slide is secured in position with locking tabs or barbs. Manufacturers have discovered that by setting up their cases or cabinets to the pitch and gap of the 20 Series slides, they can significantly reduce labor and material costs.

All 20 Series slides are handed and have features which require a pair of slides, one left hand and one right hand slide, per drawer. All models are ordered as pairs.


For light applications calling for 3/4 extension and a disconnect such as small metal pods for office supply storage.


Non disconnect to add strength and prevent drawer removal in medium duty applications.


Suitable for wider drawers; over travel provides complete access to drawer contents.


Full extension and a disconnect method for light to medium duty applications.


A heavy-duty load rating with lock-in and lock-out to keep drawers securely in place during access or transit.


Non-locking companion slide to 9328.

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