Ball Needle Roller Pillow Block Press Bearings and Bushings


Ball Bearings

440C Stainless Steel/ABEC 3 Ball Bearing lubricated with Oil (MIL-L-6085A) ABE ball bearings are used to mount in to an inner diameter bracket or around a shaft.  Ball bearings are used to transfer a linear motion or support a direct load. Please contact ABE about your ball bearing application.

Balls for Ball Bearings

Stainless Steel, nylon 6-6, or chrome Balls in many dimensions.  ​Nylon and Acetal are sometimes used for bearing surfaces.  The most common is molded nylon plastic but molded acetal (POM) is also used. Other polymers are used in special bearing designs where specific performance requirements such as high speed, or low torque or low noise are identified.

Needle, Roller Bearings

0.125" Bore, 0.5" Panel hole size, Needle Roller Press Bearings. If your application requires a high load capacity, roller bearings divide the load across the entire flat surface of a cylinder rather than a point on a ball bearing. Sealed lubricant is an advantage. Please contact ABE for needle bearings. 

Pillow Blocks

Contact ABE  for pillow block bearings, ABE provides pillow block bearings that use a flange and bolts for mounting to a surface.  Pillow block bearings are designed to align perpendicular to the shaft they compensating for any deflection misalignment. Please contact ABE about your ball bearing application.

Press Bearings, Bushings​

Press Bearings ​Instrument provides small mechanical components, Flange Mounted Press-Fit Bearings Plain Press-Fit Bearings Self-Clinching Press-Fit bearing engineering and manufacturing services for industrial and commercial applications. ​Please contact ABE about your ball bearing application.

Sleeve Bearings, Bushings, Collars, Housings

Plastic plain sleeve bearings from are self-lubricating, maintenance-free, cost-effective and versatile. Plastic bearings are suitable for automotive mass production, special machine construction, underwater applications, food or tobacco industries, extreme temperatures, chemical resistance and easy sheet metal installation. ABE always offers a solution - either from the catalog product range or as a customized special solution.

Thrust Bearings and Components​

Thrust bearings are a type of rotary bearing. Thrust rotary bearings permit rotation between parts, They are designed to support an  axial load.  Different kinds of thrust ball bearings are used to support different amounts of axial load. Thrust bearings are used in higher speed applications that require oil lubrication, such as in the automotive and aerospace industries.  Please contact ABE about your thrust ball bearing application.

Tooling & Accessories

ABE Tooling & Accessories division provides small mechanical bearing components, engineering and manufacturing services for industrial and commercial applications.  We have miniature bearing hanger retainers, for bearing housing. On some applications oil impregnated bronze thrust washers are required. Please contact ABE about your ball bearing application.


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