In Bossard's fastening technology activities, their main service to their customers is using their knowledge of the global procurement market and their engineering, logistics and communication know-how to turn anonymous mass-produced elements into customer-specific products.

Socket Products
Hex cap screws; Construction bolts, nuts and washers; Flange bolts; Hex flange serrated and ribbed bolts; Nylok�; Precote�
Nuts; Hex Lock nuts; Rivet nuts; Insert nuts; Threaded inserts; Rivet spacers; Weld nuts; Blind riveting nuts
Bolts (seim-finished bolts and screws); Miscellanious
Machine screws/cold formed; Slotted and crossed recessed; Freedrive machine screws; Projection weld studs; Self clinching captive studs
Machine screws machined; Threaded rods, Slotted set screws; Threaded hex spacers; Studs; Plugs; Heavy hex nuts
Washers; Retaining rings; Disc springs; Circlips
Dowel pins; Taper pins; Spiral pins; Key, Key stock; Rivets; Cotter pins; Machine parts
Self-tapping screws; Self-drilling screws/eco-drill�; PT�-screws; Trhead cutting screws; Thread forming screws; Duro PT�-Screws
Miscellanious screws for: Wood, wallboard, chipboard, plastic and aluminum