Crimp Terminals

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Ring Terminals
Ring Terminals
Fork Terminals
Fork Terminals
Butt Splices & Disconnects
Butt Splices & Disconnects
Bullets Connectors
Bullets Connectors
Blade & Pin Terminals
Blade & Pin Terminals
Wire Joints, Quick Splices, Crimping Tools
Wire Joints, Quick Splices, Crimping Tools

T&B Crimp Terminals and Splices Overview

T&B Crimp Terminals and Splices are designed specifically for inexpensive insulated and non-insulated electrical terminations. This terminal product group is perfect for most commercial applications. T&B Crimp Terminals and Splices also meet or exceed requirements for a reliable connection in a variety of industrial applications.

Whether heavy duty power wiring or smaller control circuits, T&B Crimp Terminals and Splices provide excellent crimp assemblies ranging from 22 to 6 AWG with consistent long-lasting reliability, ease of application, and lower total installed cost.  Included are Disconnects, Bullet Connectors, Blade and Pin Terminals, Wire Joints, Quick Splices, and a choice of matching quality crimping tools.

Features of T&B Crimp Terminals and Splices

  • Brazed seam, Electro-tin plated, funnel entry most items.
  • Product line covers all standard components rings, forks, locking forks, butt splices and disconnects.
  • Unique offerings are also available blade terminals, pin terminals, bullets and quick splices.
  • Available in Distributor and Bulk size packaging.
  • UL Listed Rings, Forks, Locking Forks, Splices, Wire Joints, and Pin Terminals.
  • Terminals recommended for use with Hand Tool CT503, WT11M, TBM6S.
  • Insulators are color-coded to indicate proper die nest usage.
  • Wire sizes are marked on tongue of terminal.
  • Recommended temperature 90°C Max.
  • Recommended voltage 600V terminals, 300V disconnects.

Catalog Numbering System
Example: TV14-38R
Terminal and Insulation
Wire Size Range
Feature Size
Terminal Type
Bulk Option
Thomas & Betts
Crimp Terminals
(Blank) Bare Non-Insulated
(V) Vinyl Funnel Entry
(N) Nylon Funnel Entry
(VF) Vinyl Fully Insulated
(NF) Nylon Fully Insulated
Always the Largest Wire Size in Range
(18) 22-18 AWG
(14) 16-14 AWG
(10) 12-10 AWG
(8) 8 AWG
(6) 6 AWG
Bolt Hole:
Ring and Fork Terminals

Tab Width:
(250 Series)

Pin Length:
Pin Terminals

Blade Length:
Blade Terminals


(R) Ring
(F) Fork
(LF) Locking Fork
(BS) Butt Splice
(FD) Female Disconnect
(MD) Male Disconnect
(PD) Piggy Back Disconnect
(BL) Blade
(FB) Female Bullet
(MB) Male Bullet
(PT) Pin Terminal
(QS) Quick Splice
(WJ) Wire Joint
Add to Cat. Numbers for Bulk Quantities

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