PIC Design has increased its range of belts and pulleys to provide users with the most complete line for motion control and light power transmission. Designers are no longer confined to the use of one type of drive system. PIC Design offers No-SlipTM Positioning Timing Belts, No-SlideTM, E*P*S, E*P*S HTD® (Metric), Round Belts, and Miniature Chain. All come with appropriate pulleys or sprockets in various materials.

PIC Design Belts and Pulleys — A Brief Overview

No-Slip series timing belts feature many design elements. The polyurethane belts operate backlash free without lubrication and have excellent chemical and abrasion resistance for use in medical and food processing applications. Positive tooth engagement offers silent No-Slip drive. No-Slip belts are available with Aramid (Kevlar) or stainless steel cable cores in single or twin core configurations. Sprockets are available in either aluminum or stainless steel. Belts are available in lengths up to 100 feet and can be spliced in the field for added versatility.

A new series of synchronous belts, combined with a grooved flangeless pulley, offers high performance timing. No-flange pulleys allow air to escape and prevents it from being trapped between the belt and flange. No-Slide belts are molded in polyurethane with a stainless steel core (cable). They require no lubrication, handle higher load capacities than standard timing belts, are available in lengths up to 100 feet, and can be spliced in the field for added versatility.
No-Slide belts are excellent for medical, packaging, and labeling applications, and where higher load capacity is required.
No-Slide pulleys are available in aluminum.

The E*P*S synchronous timing belt is the classical timing belt that provides positive,
non-slip power transmission. These belts are available in neoprene rubber with nylon facing and a fiberglass tensile member, or urethane with a polyester tensile member as shown. A Kevlar tensile member is also available as an option. These belts are directly interchangeable with each other. The urethane belts have excellent flex characteristics which allows them to operate on pulleys with as few as 10 teeth, and ratios of 8:1 on smaller center distances.
The E*P*S line is recommended for use on office, mailing, and data processing equipment, printers, plotters, robotics, optical, and photographic equipment.

The E*P*S HTD® timing belts provide positive non-slip transmission at both low and high speeds and offer a higher load carrying capability than the E*P*S trapezoidal design, due to the deeper curvilinear shape of the belt tooth. E*P*S HTD® belts can transmit more power with a more compact package as compared to E*P*S belts, and can be used in applications where shock load is evident, such as vacuum cleaners, floor polishers, sanders, centrifuges and power tools, as well as office equipment drive systems. Pulleys are available in machined aluminum.

Round belt or O-ring drive belt systems are used in a wide variety of applications such as vibration dampening in precision mechanisms and reduction of distortion in audio equipment. Round belts also provide overload protection and can act as a clutch in certain applications. Grooved pulleys are available in stainless steel and aluminum.

Miniature pitch chains are made of non-magnetic grade stainless steel. The large joint bearing area construction permits greater loads and speeds. Precision control of chain length allows for positioning accuracy between the driver and driven sprockets. Continuous and positive lubrication is recommended for maximum life and efficiency. Sprockets are available in stainless steel and aluminum.

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