Truck Trailer Industry Fasteners

Camtronic® Galling Resistant Fasteners
Camtronic® Galling
Resistant Fasteners
FlorTORX® Floor Screws
Floor Screws
TORX® Type F Floor Screws
TORX® Type F
Floor Screws
Wall Liner Fasteners
Wall Liner

Camtainer® Fastening Systems
Camtainer fastening systems solve many of the fastening problems that are unique to the truck-trailer industry.

  • Original Camtainer bolt features low-profile steel head
  • Camtainer II bolt features a low-profile molded head, available in a variety of colors
  • Knurled shoulder
  • CAMGRIP® epoxy on threads
  • Special underhead seal
  • TORX® Drive flanged nut

  • Positive high torque and excellent structural strength
  • One-person installation
  • Seals out moisture
  • Resists loosening from vibration and expansion/contraction
  • Reduces maintenance cost
  • Tamper-resistant
  • Corrosion-resistant

FlorTORX® Floor Screws
FlorTORX® floor screws form their own mating threads in crossmembers, lowering drive torque and increasing assembly reliability.

  • Cold formed product with uninterrupted grain flow
  • Roll-formed threads
  • Flat head
  • TORX® Drive System

  • Forms own mating threads in crossmembers
  • Increased resistance to strip-out and pull-out
  • Greater tolerance to hole size variations

TORX® Type F Floor Screws
Type F flat-head TORX® floor screws by Camcar Textron cut their own mating threads in crossmembers to speed assembly.

  • Cold formed product with uninterrupted grain flow
  • Roll-formed Type F threads
  • Flat head
  • TORX® Drive System

  • Cuts threads in crossmembers
  • Eliminates tapping operations
  • Eases assembly

Wall Liner Fasteners
Designed for attaching plyboard to the sidewall of a trailer (interior). The standard system is to drill a hole, then install a plastic insert or rivet to hold the plywood.

  • Drilltite® fastener with dual-processed point (cold-formed then milled)
  • Round Body Taptite thread profile
  • Wafer head with locking serrations
  • Quadrex Drive System; also available with TORX® or TORX PLUS® Drive System
  • Plated with a zinc and yellow chromate finish (high corrosion resistance)

  • Self-drilling point and self-tapping thread reduces assembly steps
  • Consistent drilltimes
  • Fastener head sits flush with plyboard
  • Minimizes loosening from vibration
  • 25-30% greater backout resistance

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